"Steel Bars, Secrets, and Stigmas" By Kimberly Sosa


Protecting the Safety of the Public

My career has been quite the whirlwind but it has been a successful one.  However, not without a cost.  I have a bad back from the heavy black duty belt I had to wear (which I may remind you did NOT include a weapon).  Keys, a radio, and cuffs are what I carried behind those walls filled with killers, drug dealers, pedophiles, rapists, and other criminals.  The Folger Adams keys I carried weighed ten pounds easily by themselves.  My knees are destroyed from all the walking on the concrete and I have various aches, pains, and scars throughout my body from the many incidents I have responded to and from restraining or as we call it "taking down" inmates. I have PTSD from the things I have seen and experienced and nightmares when it?s triggered, which was a daily occurrence when I worked.  I can?t stand loud noises (Not even a child screaming), and I have to know where my exits are every time I walk into a building.  I always sit facing the exits and sit with my back towards a wall. I hate large crowds. I am hypervigilant all the time. I hate anyone standing behind me. God forbid anyone try to scare me as a joke! I constantly ?what if? myself to death with horrific scenarios that could happen every time I am in public...

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