"Steel Bars, Secrets, and Stigmas" By Kimberly Sosa


Protecting the Innocent from the Guilty
My Own Prison
Creed (My own prison)

She walks amidst the dark city, armed with only hand cuffs, a radio, and her wit. Face to face with evil locked down.

She holds the keys to freedom and she guards them with her life.

She prays before she enters the dark city, that God will guide her words and strengthen her sixth sense for they mean peace or peril in this world. After her shift, she prays again, thanking him for bringing her out...safe... 

Ever wonder what happens once the thick steel doors slam shut and your officially on a one to one basis with evil but have no weapon but your communication skills? How the uniform that stands out amidst the kaki population endures hours and hours of exposure to this distant land of negativity and manipulation; always on guard for they never know when murder or assault will come to rise. How does the officer tolerate this through out the years and still maintain a sense of integrity?

 If you have wondered...then this book is a must read.

This career is the only career that has more job security the worse the economy gets. It weeds out anyone who can not face the harsh realities of a criminal mind; teaching you to reflect on your fears and discriminations, and camoflauge your weaknesses...It is definitely not for everyone.


The job is tedious and thankless yet, every day, men and women work hard to ensure the safety and security of the public by keeping criminals inside those walls. Despite the emotional and mental price paid.

The job is done world wide yet, no one but officer and inmate know exactly what goes on in this world. For, this career is not highly publicized. But, the unseen is often the worst.

You have seen the newpaper articles from time to time about the "Prison Guard" who was stabbed by an inmate. This is something that, when you go inside this private domain day after day, happens more than you realize. With the uniformed officers many times out numbered 100 to 1 or more, it is stressful and taints the soul, causing some to take their own life. For, when you begin a career like this, the veil of what is truly evil on earth will be lifted. You will never be the same...

Anyone who chooses this career must work harder to be a positive influence in society due to the negativity that they are exposed to within the cement walls of prison. Yet, they are willing to take on this difficult mission with diligence and honor.

"Hey C.O.!!" gives opinions along with amazing and "exaggerated" short stories that come from the personal experiences of one Correctional Officer

Steel Bars, Secrets, and Stigmas gives a true inside look at  what happens to a human being when they are exposed to the environment within the prison walls. Working and communicating on a daily basis with inmates that have committed heinous crimes and constantly attempt to victimize anyone they can.

Take a look inside the mind of this single mother and the way she has seen the world through out the years; dealing with criminal minds, working with other officers and witnessing their reactions to the years of exposure and the effects on their lives and families. Also, how it affected her own life spilling over to her only daughter, her personal relationships,  her family, and life in general outside the prison walls.

This book was her escape from the turmoil she endured during her career as a Correctional Officer, Lieutenant , and Investigator; She tells honest and painful about parts of her life and career and how it all started...Giving an incredible point of view of the different types of individuals that are inside the prison walls.

The book is funny, dramatic, surprising, and opens your eyes to the immense differences of everyday life outside the walls of a prison and the dirty reality of the world inside. Pull the veil up and take a close look into the REAL truth of corrections and who really are the good guys. In the end, you will decide.

It is a must read for law enforcement and civilian alike and has been called "an absolute page turner!"


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